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Alloy Products: FAQs

Q. What different types of surface finishes do you offer? A. We offer four basic types of finishes:

  1. Pickled Finish – The vessel is submerged into a chemical solution which removes discoloration to produce a dull grey mill finish.
  2. Mechanical Polishing – The vessel goes through a series of polishing steps to remove surface material. At each stage of polishing, our polishers check the surface finish to make sure it meets the “RA” requirements for surface specification.
  3. Electropolishing – The vessel is submerged into a chemical electropolishing solution to produce a mirror-like finish.
  4. Mechanical Polishing and Electropolishing – Many customers require their vessels to be both mechanically polished and electropolished. Since electropolishing highlights all of the mechanical polishing, it will not produce as smooth of a mirror-like finish as on a non-mechanically polished vessel. To obtain the lower RA readings, however, mechanical polishing is required.

Q. What do you mean when you say a vessel has been “pickled?”

A. Pickling is a chemical cleaning procedure that removes any discoloration produced by welding and contamination from manufacturing processes. All Alloy Products’ vessels undergo a pickling process.

Q. What is Electropolishing?

A. Electropolishing is a chemical electrical process that improves corrosion resistance of the material by increasing the chrome-to-iron ratio in the passive layer. It also reduces surface roughness to improve cleanability and release-ability in the product contact area. Even if they are mechanically polished, almost all sanitary vessels are also electropolished, which greatly improves the overall vessel appearance and functionality for use in sanitary environments.

Q. What is passivation?

A. Passivation is a chemical cleaning process that also helps improve the chrome-to-iron ratio. All vessels that are electropolished are also passivated. Any vessel that goes through the electropolish area of the plant is also passivated in Nitric Acid.

Q. Can you Teflon line your pressure vessels?

A. We offer both a Teflon coating and a Teflon lining of our vessels. Certain design types of our vessels can only be Teflon lined and not coated. Feel free to contact our customer service department with any questions regarding the Teflon lining or coating of vessels.

Q. When did your company first receive its ISO 9001 Certification?

A. Alloy Products Corp. became ISO 9001 certified in August 1997.

Q. How many regulatory stamps do you hold?

A. We hold an ASME stamp, an “R” stamp for repairs, a SOLO stamp to ship pressure vessels into China, and we have also done a German BAM stamp. We regularly ship vessels to Europe, Asia and Canada, as well as within the United States. C1 and CE certifications are also available for shipments to the EU and Europe.

Q. Why do you hold a Chinese regulatory stamp?

A. Some of our customers ship products into China, so the pressure vessels we manufacture must meet the code requirements of that nation. We are audited every two years by the Chinese government at our facility and at our expense. Vessels shipped into China without a stamp will be held up by Chinese customs and may not be returned. You must notify us when a stamp is needed, so that we can send you the proper paperwork and attach a stamp to the vessel. There is a slight cost for the paperwork and stamp.

Q. Once my order is placed, when will my vessel be delivered? A. That depends on the type of vessel you order. Our stock vessels are generally shipped out in a day or two. If you ask us to make small changes to a stock design, you can add a couple of weeks to the shipment date. A completely new design will require a couple of weeks in engineering, then 6 to 8 weeks in manufacturing. Delivery of your vessel can be delayed if we have to order accessories or components that we don’t have in stock, since some of these items have long lead times. We will notify you of your anticipated delivery date when we do your quote.

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