JERRY – 31 years

After managing 2 bowling alleys back in the day, Jerry has spent the last 31 years working at Alloy. “I started out as a pressman with no experience at all and now I’m the Plant Superintendent. I also served on the union committee for 18 years.” Jerry feels blessed to manage a team that is working together towards a common goal. “Thanks to the outstanding retirement benefits, including the 401K and pension, I will retire very comfortably. Alloy is not a sweat shop, in fact they treat you like family and are dedicated to promoting from within.”

Jerry enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time outdoors.

Meet Jerry

MATT – 7 years

After working in the building trades for a decade, Matt found a home at Alloy 7 years ago! He’s currently the Finishing Supervisor overseeing operations such as electro-polish, pickle and touch up/buffer operations. When asked about what Alloy offers to it’s employees Matt had a lot to say. “My favorite part about working at Alloy is the people, which I believe is reflected in their workforce. The benefits are excellent at Alloy, best insurance I’ve had! The Employee Credit Union is a nice benefit as well!” In his spare time Matt enjoys seeing live music, camping and carpentry.

Meet Matt

JOE – 8 years

Holding multiple certifications, Joe is a stainless-steel welder and fabricator. “I did welding and fabrication for 9 years out of high school then spent the next 20 years as a rough carpenter for a high-end custom home builder.” “After the 2008 recession I was forced to look for new employment and found a home at Alloy. He talks about Alloy being a clean and family-friendly company with very good benefits due to a good working relationship between Alloy and the union. When he’s not at Alloy he can be found outdoors walking, biking, fishing, hunting and ATVing.

Meet Joe

EMILY – 2 years

Two years ago, Emily started in our shipping department and shortly after was promoted to a Quality Inspector position. She recently took on the title of Quality Technician/ISO Administrator. Before APC she worked as an Associate Store Manager for an auto parts store. She is grateful to APC “The people I work with have been amazing and a great team to be a part of.” She continues “The opportunity for growth and development of my career within the company has been wonderful.” She enjoys spending her time off with her wonderful 2-year-old “my entire world” and spending time outdoors.

Meet Emily

LUIS – 3 years

Luis started working at Alloy right after he graduated from college in 2015 designing custom tanks. He uses AutoCAD and Inventor in order to meet the needs of Alloy’s customers. “Its exciting to me to work in an environment where everyday is unique. There isn’t a “typical” day for me as I get to challenge myself by working on different projects.” When asked about Alloy’s benefits he says, “besides being well compensated, another benefit is the friendly environment where everybody works together and is in constant communication to ensure we produce quality products.” Luis enjoys doing outdoor activities especially camping when he has time off and looks forward to kayaking for the first time this year!

Meet Luis

KYLE – 1 year

Before joining Alloy Products, Kyle was in the US Marine Corps where he was an Assault Amphibious Vehicle Crew Chief. Kyle has been at Alloy for a year now and currently works in Maintenance installing, trouble shooting, repairing and maintaining production and facility equipment. Responding to all Hazmat, Fire and medical emergencies is another responsibility he has at Alloy. Kyle had this to say about Alloy “Great Benefits all the way around, from health and dental care to having their own Credit Union for the employees, Alloy offers it all!” “I love that Alloy has a great working environment, everyone is friendly, and the bosses know all the workers!” When he’s not at work, Kyle can be found at his other job as a Firefighter. In his leisure time he loves working on vehicles and outdoor adventures with family and friends.

Meet Kyle

TANYA – 1 year

Before Alloy, Tanya worked at Tudor Oaks as a food manager. Within 1 year of working at Alloy Products, Tanya advanced from a position in the packing department to Quality Inspector. “Alloy has given me an opportunity to further my career and do something I enjoy.” Tanya enjoys working together as a team towards a common goal.” She continues “Alloy recognizes their employees and appreciates them. The advancement opportunities are plentiful, and employees are encouraged to move up the ladder.” “The set hours, with offered overtime is a real bonus for me”, allowing her more time with her family and to do other activities such as fishing and reading.

Meet Tanya

ROSAULINO – 41 years

After working for APC for 41 years, JR has done it all. He has done most of the jobs they offer and learned so much along the way about stainless steel manufacturing. He enjoys working with metal, “You can take raw stainless-steel material and make it beautiful, its like being an artist”. “It’s an amazing place, and a great place to work, I have always felt like family!” He describes the benefits as very fair, “I feel they outdo most companies in this area.” He enjoys auto mechanics and auto detailing as well as playing guitar during his time off.

Meet Rosaulino